The undulations of the pathway
Whilst beautiful, well formed,
Hold hidden opportunity to neglect gaze.
Looking around at the abundance of nature’s bounty,
Distraction, then to knees we can fall,
Staring upwards now at sky so blue.
How serene and calm the world seems now,
Through branches we focus
Our pain fades as thoughtful reflective time is spent,
Unexpected, however pleasant.
A surprise this chance happening.
Looking only ahead, We’d be missing so much,
We consider the road we are on as a given.
Looking down we’d stay grounded and keep with us the learning.
Looking upward, our thinking time, reality ticks,
So with pleasure, we welcome the odd fall,
It is from these that our future is moulded, lessons learned,
It is from these that our character builds,
It is from these that we should be thankful,
Mistakes? No… life’s best example.

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