Thanks mum! A poem for Mother’s Day.

It’s mothers day on 15th March, and I have been giving much thought to the way my own mother has been such an inspiration to me over the years. So much of who I am and what I do, has been guided by my lovely, caring mum. The way I prepare my Sunday roast; the way I clean my house! The way I try to always look for the good in a situation, and the way I appreciate life, family and friendships. These thoughts have inspired me to write a poem which I would like to share with you:-

mothers day daffs

Just how can I possibly thank you

for all that you’ve done, or you’ve said

Always there to support, guide and nurse me

always fed with a cosy warm bed.

Your words of encouragement taught me

to value life’s merit and worth

To appreciate all that’s around me

and not waste any time here on earth.

I am focussed and nourished with being

I enthuse every breath that I draw

And this mother’s day I will be thinking

of each memory you’ve brought me, for sure.

If I sum up the way that I feel now

that I’m older and wiser, and know,

I am happy, contented and grounded,

‘cos my mum is the reason I grow.


Anita Williams

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Thanks to all the world’s wonderful mothers, for all that you do.

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