Sunflower poem, from the “Poetry Giving” fundraising collection

Sometimes the simple pleasures nature presents to us are the best. Take the Sunflower…

This poem captures their glorious display and features in the newly published “Poetry Giving”, a charming book of poetry which is raising funds for the vital Midlands Air Ambulance Charity. We hope you enjoy it.

Sun FlowerBreezes capture dancing heads

Compacted seeds all singing

Sun kissing golden petals edge

Florist trug we’re bringing.

We make selection, just a few

We don’tĀ  disturb them all

Shop window now, display anew

Head and shoulders stand so tall.

But it’s in the fields their glory shows

Their freedom better suited

Appreciate this feast for eyes

Majestic, convoluted.

Tangled stems in tune so well,

Faces turn to sun

Unique and quirky circles swell

At sunshine beam’s warm run.

Ablaze these fields of nature’s jewels

Capture hearts this finest hour

Applaud our senses for this sight

Magnificent sunflower.


Anita Williams

This poem is a sample from “Poetry Giving,”

a new poetry book which is raising funds for the vital Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

It would mean the world to us if you could share this with others, and if you buy the book yourself, thank you for your generous donation to this extraordinary team of people who save lives.

This charming poetry collection would make a super gift! Why not do something special today, and add this to your Christmas shopping list. šŸ™‚

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One Reply to “Sunflower poem, from the “Poetry Giving” fundraising collection”

  1. We are proud of this poetry collection and thrilled to have produced a piece of work which will aid such a worthwhile cause.
    Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is the only charity responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances across six Midland counties. The vital service is 100 per cent funded by the generosity of the general public and local businesses across the communities it serves, and since 1991 the charity has undertaken over 40,000 air ambulance missions.