Sultan of Swat | Poem about Babe Ruth

Love Baseball? The legendary Babe Ruth is a name which will live on for eternity amongst avid supporters of this formidable game. Here’s a poem to commemorate his legacy. This poem will feature in the forthcoming poetry book entitled Candy Stripes and Tall Giraffes; a mix of light – hearted poetry covering every day topics including sports.Enjoy!


A legendary presence; we are mesmerised today
This profound historic talent in our memory; there to stay.
A pitcher or a catcher? He was both, ain’t that the truth…
And no one quite lived up to the man they called Babe Ruth.
With Baltimore Orioles he trained and made his mark
Soon spotted , Boston Red Sox, an outstanding pitcher with such spark.
Headline news the day he made a move to NY Yankee turf
His greatest fame as slugging outfielder, this truly showed his worth.
A character; a big heart, charismatic to the core
Press attention on and off the field? Yup! They always wanted more.
Twenty two hot seasons like no other in baseball
With many claims to fame; if you were there, you’d name them all.
George Herman Ruth Jr. was born to play his spot
This “rough and tumble” burly guy they called the sultan of swat.
Home runs? The very first to hit 60 in a season
4 world series with the Yankees , Ruth’s strife to win; the reason.
Seven league championships assisted by this man
Others try to emulate but go ask any fan:-
They’ll tell you he’s untouchable, he still motivates our youth
The greatest player of all time, the awesome master…Babe Ruth.


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