Solar eclipse day: A children’s poem

On this Friday 20th March 2015 the solar eclipse can be seen across Europe, North/East Asia, North/West Africa, West in North America, Atlantic, Arctic. Wonderful views of the moon travelling over the face of the sun are being admired by people flocking to soak up this rare and enchanting  moment.

Millions of children are intrigued by the phenomenon; painting pictures, and being told about the way the eclipse works, and they are all excited about developing projects surrounding the sun and the moon.

A while ago, I wrote a poem for children entitled Mr. Moonface and I felt it fitting to share it with you all today.

Mr Moon Face


Mr. Moonface

Lucy looked up at the brightly lit sky

Starlight had captured her heart and here’s why…

She sat on her window cill hugging her knees

And wished for a jar full of twinkles like these.

Mr. Moonface looked down, beaming magical smile

And then blew her a star kiss which lingered awhile.

The kiss travelled over the star studded sky

Until close up to Lucy who caught it. “Oh my!”

Three beautiful colourful jars had appeared

And each brimful of stardust…how magically weird!

Treasured possessions now, Lucy held tight,

Each jar full of mystery, what a delight!

“Thanks Mr. Moonface”…….. A nod and a wave.

“It’s my happiest moment….these treasures I’ll save.”

The jars glowed a brightness like nothing before

As Lucy then dreamed of adventures she saw.

Mr. Moonface looked on as he winked at the jars.

Then smiled as he nestled himself in the stars.

The jars held a thousand more dreams to explore,

For Lucy had wishes worth hankering for.

These magical imaginings are what fun’s about,

So shhhhhhhh…keep their secret, don’t let it slip out!

Anita Williams


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  1. Why not get your children to write their own poem about the sun and the moon? We would love to hear from you.
    We may even post a few on this web site! 🙂 Don’t forget to leave their name and age. so we can give them the credit.

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