Shakespeare: The Bard of Avon.

When we consider our literary and creative education, it is difficult to imagine the exclusion of William Shakespeare. The Bard of Avon inspired and cultivated so many playwrights, poets, and writers. So here is our tribute in Rhyme to this legendary wordsmith and unrivalled poet of Sonnets; a unique talent which will cast its hue for all eternity. This poem will feature in the forthcoming Poetry book entitled:’The Very Great Britain in Poetry‘ by Anita Williams. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with release, but for now, we hope you enjoy this piece all about the Bard himself.


With thoughts unleashing at his quill

The master wordsmith’s time stands still.

Unrivalled playwright at large today

His resonating words we say.

Unravelled Sonnets still confuse

Was Shakespeare’s plan laid to amuse?

We soak up ambience in pleasured awe

World’s theatres are unleashing more.

Many a quote is shared in truth,

His poetry educating youth.

“Not of an age, but for all time”

His destiny of verse and rhyme.

A Stratford bairn: his birthplace proud

to raise a man who gave aloud.

He wore his heart upon his sleeve

This noted thespian’s dynamic weave

Variety in mood and jest

His early works remain the best.

And as we stroll his streets today

Adjacent Avon’s whispering way

Tourists flock to walk the ground

Where Shakespeare’s inspiration’s found.

Sipping coffee in his space

A captivating thoughtful place.

No amount of ponder will captivate his word,

The Bard provides emotion and a voice forever heard.

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