Sail Away

Last show tonight on ITV of #thecruiseship; Here’s another poem just to round off a great series.Hope you enjoy it. Poem about Royal Princess

The Cruise Ship’s on, so grab a cup,

Come sit and watch, we’re looking up

Towards the day we’ll sail away

To explore new lands, the Princess way.

The crew of stars have fame to add

Last show tonight…well that’s quite sad.

But we’ve enjoyed this inside view

Of life on board with you the crew.

And we shall dream of months that pass

Till we meet again and chink a glass.

We’ve booked the tickets and we can’t wait

On calendar, we’ve circled date

This TV show has got the mood

Just right for us to make our move.

Well done to all and thanks a bunch

We’ll think of you lot over lunch

Next time on board, we’ll have a laugh

Remembering this tongue in cheek gaff.

I got the pitch and soaked it up

Now drink the glory from the cup.

You’ve won me over fair and square

Looking forward just to being there.

Sunny climates, velvet shores

Leave behind the work and chores,

Pack the case with finest dress,

I’m going cruising on The RoyalPrincess.