A Royal Princess

If you are already hooked on “The Cruise Ship” on ITV 1,  you will love this heart warming poem specially written in appreciation of The Royal Princess, her crew and passengers.
Kick back, read on and imagine yourself afloat on this beautiful ship.

Poem about Royal Princess

They say you’re sure to “come back new”
The sanctuary this brings to you.
For Royal Princess, she has it all
Caters your whims, however small.
A stunning atrium, the scene setting part
Of this ship of great stature with fast beating heart.
Recharge your batteries, relax and refine,
Chink a glass at Bellini’s; then oh, how we dine!
As a curtain of light encircles chef’s table
These stories are real, not invented by fable.
You really can see movies out in fresh air
With stars way above, as fond memories you’ll share.
Or stroll along SeaWalk, cantilevered with charm
Let’s keep walking though shall we? Take hold of my arm.
I’ll show you street performers, gelato on ice,
Alfredo’s Pizzeria? Well that would be nice.
Meet the crew who will pamper, entertain you and feed
They’re twenty four seven. Attend your every need.
Indulgence for senses is found in the spa
When cares have been lifted we’ll head for the bar.
A stunning sea view like you’ve not seen before
And we’ll dream of tomorrow as we set foot ashore.
A new destination from our floating hotel
I’m loving this moment as eyes start to well
Happy tears won me over; I’m hooked, let’s impress
Unrivalled on water: Our Royal Princess.

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