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Welcome to my guest author submission page. When starting out on my writing journey, I researched how successful authors went about their routine, how they chose to plan and execute delivery of their work, and what inspired them to do it at all. In the beginning I was expecting a “one size fits all” solution, however I soon learned that every author is different, that every journey, whilst exciting, can be difficult, and that listening and reading (lots of reading) about the experiences of peers can be life changing. I have so much to be thankful for, having taken the time to read author blogs, books and recommendations of others who in turn have taken time out to pen ideas for budding authors. I have learned that there is a mutual appreciation amongst authors that keeps us motivated to write and stay true to our writing journey. It is for this reason that I have invited a selection of authors onto my web site so that you can share your experiences and also learn from their wisdom and experience.

Would you like to feature on this page? Great! I am happy to share your news.You are welcome to complete the form below and I will endeavour to include as many guest authors as possible. (Please note submissions will be included where space available).

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