Boosting charity funds with poetry

The air crew at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity base at Cosford, pictured with Anita Williams to promote the launch of “Poetry Giving” fundraising book.

We are almost ready to launch our first charity fundraising book: ‘Poetry Giving,’ for the wonderful Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, who work tirelessly to help save lives, and this delightful poetry book is being published to raise much needed funds to keep the missions in the air.

Here’s what our author, Anita Williams had to say about her recent visit to meet the crew:-

“Once I had decided to write a poetry book to boost funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, I thought about the content carefully. It didn’t take me long to determine that I needed to know more about them, what they do, and how they go about their missions. So, when these wonderful people invited me to their base at Cosford, I jumped at the chance!

I was greeted with the friendliest of welcomes and talked first with Richard, a doctor who flies on the missions. He talked passionately to me about the complexities of dealing with patients in difficult surroundings, and how rewarding it is to get to the scene fast, so that lives are actually saved. Along with a team of superb paramedics, these guys go out in tricky weather conditions to tend to the wounded and the sick, working in remote and dangerous areas in an effort to get the job done.

Moving on to a chat with Tim, a Pilot, who flies in extreme conditions at times. I was enthralled to learn of how intricate the helicopter landings are… from valleys with overhead power cables, to motorways with intrusive overhead lights, to city situations where the recirculating air above tall buildings can play havoc with the rota blades. Maps are seriously important, and as I glanced next to the passenger front seat, I could see a carefully organised box of maps. Tim explained that once they have determined the ‘A’ to ‘B,’ a line is ruled across the map. he called it his “Roman road in the sky.” Getting as close to the patient as possible is their number one goal, as valuable seconds really do help.

I told them they were heroes, and I was really taken aback by their response. They told me that I was a hero too!  They wouldn’t be able to run their missions without fundraising, indeed they are 100% funded by the generosity of fundraisers who understand what needs to be done to get them in the air. Each mission costs £2500 minimum.

Well… with a reaction like that, you can imagine how motivated I have now become to get this book right, and Richard and Tim inspired me to write a poem about the charity itself which will be included in the book, entitled “Heroes of the Golden Hour.”

I can’t wait to get “Poetry Giving” to print, so that I can contribute something worthwhile to this extraordinary bunch of people at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.”

Jason Levy, fundraising and marketing director for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, said: “We are honoured to be chosen as the beneficiary charity of this beautiful collection of poems. The book has been lovingly crafted by Anita to help raise funds for our vital life  saving service, and we are very grateful for the support.”

Poetry Giving will be released for sale very soon. Please keep watching for more news.

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  1. Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is the only charity responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances across six Midland counties. The vital service is 100 per cent funded by the generosity of the general public and local businesses across the communities it serves, and since 1991 the charity has undertaken over 40,000 air ambulance missions.