Annie’s Buttons : She sure is cute!

Annie’s Buttons is a cute, easy to follow counting book for 3 – 7 year old children.

Have fun as you turn each page and watch how Annie adds and subtracts.

A wonderful gift available now on iBooksAnnies buttons inside frontBoing

A bright colourful book written and illustrated by Anita Williams. Aids numeracy and learning, Annie is a very cute character who you can’t help but love! This book is the first fromĀ the Annie and Tom series. As always, keep watching the blog spot for more news.

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  1. Love Annie already? We knew you would! Please let us know how you liked the book. we’d love to hear from you. There’s an easy tab above for you to leave a comment or review. Thanks a bunch! Hope Annie’s Buttons made you smile today šŸ™‚