Annie’s Buttons release!

Now available for download from iBooks

The charming Annie’s Buttons is now available to download from Apple iBooks!

This delightful little book is deliberately uncluttered and focusses on the counting of buttons. Have fun with Annie and help her as she sometimes slips up! Buttons bounce and fall, creating opportunities for teachers, parents and readers to show very young children the aspects of numeracy in a simple way which is easy to follow. Watch as Annie builds a wibbly wobbly tower, and threads buttons onto a necklace. Annie is a cute character with a smiley face, and this book represents the first in the Annie and Tom series. As an illustrator, Anita Williams wanted Annie to wear a white dress with neat pocket, and, very important, she simply had to have a bright pink basket to carry all of her buttons around. As the stories from Annie and Tom develop, author Anita Williams hopes that you will grow to love them as much as she does. It is very easy to register your interest. Simply subscribe to our newsletter, or add a comment.

Annie's Buttons - Now available on iBooks
Annie’s Buttons – Now available on iBooks

The paperback edition of Annie’s Buttons is coming soon. Nursery schools, play groups and reception years at school will all hopefully see  benefit from engaging with this book. Become friends with the Author! She loves to hear your comments about her books, which are most welcome. For many years, she has been crafting these lovely stories and learning tools, and developing snippets to use, but she loves to evolve from the positive feedback, advice and experiences she receives from readers. Enjoy Annie’s Buttons, a little treasure.