A taster poem from “Severn Thoughts”

A poem from the  “Severn Thoughts” fundraising book by Anita Williams.

Isn’t it wonderful how unwanted items that we are ready to discard can become somebody else’s treasure? I marvel at the way charity shops recycle and make best possible use of whatever we donate. This has inspired my latest poem and I want to share it with you as a taster of what is coming in my next charity publication: “Severn Thoughts” which is due to launch in June. If you are a regular subscriber to www.writtenwithasmile.com , you will already know that I am busy writing a new collection of poems for another fundraising book; this time to help the amazing Severn Hospice.

charity shop box

So here’s the sneak preview of what I am pulling together for you and I hope you like it:-

Charm and purpose

A cardboard hub of all things used

Characterful offerings, some faded and bruised.

A flurry of tape pulls together this haul

Each element takes its journey with purpose and call.

Receiving the gift: deepest thanks from the heart

Unwrapping the box… repurposing start.

This charity shop’s enveloping embrace

Charms and acquaints those who enter its space.

All those old things unwanted now have a new place

I reflect in the moment, a smile on my face.

I could have discarded that cushion, that rug

I could have got rid of the teddy and trug.

Could have thrown away plates and that jersey with hood

So pleased with myself that I gave for the good.

As I walk past the window to check on the stock

Proudly spotting donations: my dotty blue frock,

I see others buying my previous find

And focussed, another thought crosses my mind.

There are many donations to ponder in store

So I’ll pop in again, and I’ll browse through some more

Abundant with treasures, I tally and pause,

As I delight in new purchases for this wonderful cause.

Anita Williams

We would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Early feedback before the book is published really helps. Don’t be shy, we really do love to hear from our readers.

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The blog spot will keep you posted of latest news,

but watch out for the release of “Severn Thoughts” in early June 2015!

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  1. “Severn Thoughts” will launch in the first week of June 2105. You can keep track of the latest news by watching our blog spot. If you would like to add a comment about this poem, we would love to hear from you. Just click on the grey “what people are saying” review tab (showing just below the social media share buttons on this page). 🙂