A Poet’s Privilege – a poem for charity

A Poet’s Privilege is a poem about a poet’s inspiration. This poem will feature in the forthcoming ‘Poetry Giving’ book which will be launched to assist fundraising for the wonderful  Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

Here’s a taster poem for you; A Poet’s Privilege:-

Poet's privilege

His seat carefully chosen atop rolling green hills

Sharpened pen onto paper; emotionally spills…

All he sees from this viewpoint, with vision and mind

Contentment is flowing as words start to bind.

The poet is poised; his palette enriched

Life’s offerings before him, enchanted, bewitched.

Interrupt him? Don’t bother; you’ll never unmask

This artist at work on his flourishing task.

Furrowed brow now and then as he falters his pace

Until gentle reminders fall over his face.

A smile as he structures the next line or two

With glorious rapture amidst morning’s fresh dew.

A profound fine crescendo as lines draw a close

Behold poet’s delight as he screws up his nose.

He sits back to admire his victory, his song

Those inclusions were cradled in his mind all along.

His privilege, this creation of purity; an art

He presents now his bounty: a gift from the heart.


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