Uffington’s White Horse: A poem

We are close to publishing The Very Great Britain in Poetry, and would like to reveal another of the poems to feature inside this new collection.3d-book-cover--The-Very-Great-Britain-in-Poetry

The White Horse of Uffington has been baffling visitors for many many years, and it’s breathtaking  prowess and beauty can only really be fully appreciated from the sky. Here’s the poem which I hope you enjoy:-


Uffington’s White Horse

If you fly with the birds over Uffington

Amidst Oxfordshire’s pleasant green plain

A mysterious equine will greet you

A white horse carved from chalk; hoof and mane.

As we travel for far flung acquaintance

With this beast who enchants with his hide

And then stroll to imagine full vision

Our own stories emerge from his side.

Are we standing so close to a legend?

Born of Bronze Age? Territorial stance?

Is this striking alignment of body and soul

In full gallop, or in ritual dance?

Could it be that an artist found solace

On this hillside so distant in past

We can only imagine his glory

With his mission accomplished to last.

And if he were here to consider

His achievement still standing time’s test

He could fly with the birds soaring over

Tearful joy beating hard from his chest.


Anita Williams


One Reply to “Uffington’s White Horse: A poem”

  1. picture yourself at the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, or watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.
    Yorkshire Pudding, Burns night, The Loch Ness Monster, famous Welsh railways. They all feature in the great poetry keepsake all about the delights and traditions of Great Britain.