The Mighty Red Arrows

The latest poetry ensemble : ‘The Very Great Britain in Poetry‘ is taking shape now, and very close to getting published. Whilst considering what makes Britain great, our author, Anita Williams, thought long and hard about what to include. This subject however, requires no hesitation. The Mighty Red Arrows simply have to be part of this great poetry book. So, after some research and a brush up on some of the key terms used, Anita hopes that she has captured the essence of this dynamic set of precision pilots, so that readers can fully appreciate what they do for us. Hope you enjoy this poem…another sneak preview of this fantastic book coming soon. The Mighty Red Arrows

 Like lightening darts, resplendent reds

Fly high above excited heads

Gasps from crowd as synchros swoop

Red 6 and 7 in the loop,

Opposition passes with precision and such speed

Enid and Gypo in fine formation; Red 1? He takes the lead.

Volunteer pilots, each one chosen for his worth

Agility and excellence and always with great mirth.

Hawks primed by blues with detailed care, the circus get them in the air.

And Red ten’s there to supervise, enduring fire in tired eyes.

These diamond nines began their time way back, late ’64’

Since first display in ’65 the crowd have wanted more.

And what a sight to savour as they fly way over head

Technical perfection, spectators often said.

Éclat is their motto and it’s easy to see why

French for brilliance or excellence, flying through the sky.

Their growth from good old Fairford, to Scrampton, now their base,

They’ve many claims to fame to put a smile upon your face.

They flanked our mighty Concorde for The Queen, her jubilee,

A fly past like no other this crowd would ever see.

The weather makes decisions: is it flat, rolling or full?

You can be sure that this performance is everything but dull.

Thrills a plenty, keep them coming, whether goose, corkscrew or heart,

You had me hooked as you arrived; you got me at the start.

Defying force of gravity, five times the norm above

And Vixen break gives 7G…the one the crowd all love.

When these fine pilots take to air, smoke plumes: red, white and blue,

The world’s your stage Red Arrows, Pride of Britain through and through.

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