Tenby’s Palette

Tenby’s Palette

 As a celebration of all things British, I am adding the finishing touches to my latest cherished poetry collection, The Very Great Britain in Poetry

Here is a sneak preview – a new poem which captures the delights of Tenby – a jewel on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Tenby’s palette

Resplendent from the water, delightful hues abound

This watercolour palette, complemented by the sound

Of harbour’s gently lapping waves: a melting pot are we

Atlantic Ocean swells and saves it’s blend with Irish Sea

Be sure to venture back in time to Tudor Merchant’s House

Picture times when trades were made; the bustling of the mouse.

The barbican five arches sit proudly; enter town

Experience the sights and sounds whilst undulating down.

Through cobbled streets find eateries to whet your appetite

Then venture onto golden sands behind you, colours bright.

Throughout this pretty coastal town, a palette you behold

With pastels rich from house to house as shops adorn the bold

From pink to vivid oranges and proudest shades of green

Each turn reveals a spectacle in yellow or aquamarine.

Take time to sit and ponder; capture sunsets so sublime

You’ll find it hard to leave this place, unencumbered by the time

As bobbing boats engage you with their spinnakers avast

And Tenby’s charm and beauty imprints memories to last.

Anita Williams

Throughout the pages of my latest poetry collection, I am sharing my own encounters with British traditions, landmarks or places which leave an imprint. As a child, I have fond memories of family holidays to Pembrokeshire coast. Like a magnet, this stunning area of outstanding beauty draws me back year after year. This poem therefore has earned its rightful place amongst the pages of The very Great Britain in Poetry. Due to be released very soon, and I am so excited to share this with you.


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