Strawberries and Cream

Like Tennis? Then this poem is for you. Keep watching at for the launch of a brand new poetry book all about Great Britain. This poem, ‘Strawberries and cream’ will feature in the new book, so this is a sneak preview. Leave a comment about the poem if you like, or you are welcome to join our mailing list:-

Love tennis? Then this poem is just for you.
Love tennis? Then this poem is just for you.

“Fifteen, love” the umpire’s cry

As thousands judge with critical eye

Look right, then left, across the court

Fine volley in hand, well matched we’d thought.

“Thirty, love”………….and then it starts

The aces fly; sharp breath imparts.

Honed athletes follow coaches word

Gasps from crowd, deuce is heard.

Muscles ripple, grunts and fuss,

Coaching: every one of us!

Pauses after game, thirst quenched,

Clouds above, they may get drenched.

Player’s brow mopped, towel tossed,

Who’d have thought it? Favourite lost?

Match point arrives; it’s all over again,

Hurry for cover, it’s started to rain.

Crowd hum: outsider has captured his dream,

Then pure indulgence, traditional strawberries and cream.

Amongst purple and green, this historic attraction

Never fails to deliver the crowd’s pensive reaction.

And as the rain stops we gather and out for some more,

This Wimbledon glory is what Summer’s for.