Stage Master

Isn’t it wonderful when the underdog gets some recognition? Stage Master is a poem which will feature in the forthcoming fundraising book “Severn Thoughts.” The poem is about a janitor / caretaker in a theatre, who starts his work as the audience leave for the evening…

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 Stage Master

 The clanking of his bucket as he watches from the stage

The audience vacating now, show’s over, turn the page.

He toils the boards so deftly, cleaning every troubled crack

And brushes up the litter as it falls into his sack.

The lights now dim: he’s there alone, reflecting quiet pause

Imagining the buzz of feeling envious applause.

He bows his head and spins around, arms stretched; a pleasured smile

His confidence now growing, body moves, he’ll stay awhile.

A moment of indulgence as he covers all the ground.

A private showing: all his own; his tapping toes abound.

Sweaty tears fall from his cheeks, a frenzied dance in flight

His heart now beating faster, far removed from normal plight.

Gymnastic poise throws graceful curves, a treasured silhouette

A trilby’s added value boosts his encore; no regret.

And reaching his crescendo, slumping down, a crumpled heap

His laughter echoes galleries, before falling into sleep.

Minutes later he’s awakened by a spotlight on his worth

He jumps upright, embarrassed, tucking in his sweated girth.

“Bravo” a voice from shadows and then clapping hands to boot

A star is born, his rustic charm an influence for shoot.

They want to cast his talent into many shows to share

The unassuming purity of his art they witnessed there.

Anita Williams

My new fundraising poetry collection “Severn Thoughts” is out soon in support of the amazing Severn Hospice! I do hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of just one of the poems which will appear in the book.

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One Reply to “Stage Master”

  1. Severn Hospice is a wonderful charity caring for people with progressive illnesses. I had the privilege of visiting their Shrewsbury site recently and was totally overwhelmed by the happiness the caring team bring into the precious days of those who need it. The visit inspired me to write my latest fundraising book: “Severn Thoughts” which will be published June 2015. Anita Williams 🙂