Remembrance poem

Remembrance poem.

As we end this important day, the world should remember those who gave so much in the name of peace.

I penned this remembrance poem in appreciation of the heroic actions of those we lost.

Poppy Fields


Eyes all wide, an aura
around those wretched days
When all who bravely fought for us
got tangled in the haze
Tears from weeping mothers
and friends who can’t forget
But go ask any soldier
And they’ll not display regret
For heroes don’t need invites
They’re ready with resolve
To go and do their level best
In wars we’ll never solve.
And we must all remember those
who gave so much for peace.
so we can live our lives today
Commitment doesn’t cease.
The poppy fields will tremble on
The stories often told
November’s special time to pause
The memory undersold
For none could truly comprehend
the passion; honour; grit,
We’ll try to do them justice
as we talk the tales of it.
But all we humble souls can do
is pay respect to those
who fill our hearts with pride and joy
each year, as feeling grows.
Responsibility is ours
to pass the message on
Remember: gratitude and thanks
To those brave souls now gone.

Anita Williams

This poem features in Poetry Giving, a collection of poetry in support of the amazing Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Poetry Giving Book Cover

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  1. Poetry Giving is a collection of light hearted poetry about every day life. Every book sold raises much needed funds to help keep Midlands Air Ambulance missions in the air.

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