Black Cab n’ Banter


A familiar sight on many a London street

Our favourite ride: meeting cabbie’s a treat.

He’ll take you to places you’ve not thought of yet

And along with your journey, oh…the banter you’ll get!

He’ll tell you some stories of old; some brand new,

Opinions on headlines, and he’ll ask about you.

You’ll find he’s a wordsmith and boy…can he talk!

But I tell you it’s worth it; beats trying to walk.

Those miles around sights are exhausting it’s true,

But jump in a black cab, and he’ll bring them to you.

You’ll treasure these moments of chatter and awe

As you take in some extras, he’s showing you more

Like the Tower Bridge gracefully from Thames hovering above

Want a photo? He’ll oblige, pass some silver for love.

He’ll take you to Big Ben, you’ll see London eye

As it teeters and glistens against grey and blue sky.

Buckingham Palace? “No problem there pal,”

As he tells you of Hyde Park, he drives down the Mall.

Kensington gardens, then Trafalgar Square.

A show maybe later? Then he’ll show you where.

Westminster Abbey, Cathedral? St Paul’s,

See palaces, statues, gardens and halls.

Oxford street shopping, then afternoon tea.

Each trip, a new cabbie brings something to see.

The statue of Eros, Covent Garden’s boho,

Each area different, each with its own glow.

Number ten Downing Street, horse guard’s parade,

The Serpentine splendour, Rosie lea under shade.

How much I’d have missed, glad I travelled this way

So cab drivers I salute you, thanks for all that you say.