Imagine yourself standing by the lakeside as you listen to the link below, or for more poems like this click the image.

Raindrops plop quietly, a few, and then more,
As the lake laps so gracefully close to the shore.
Ripples cause candy stripes all in a row,
And skies create atmosphere, sun giving glow.
As rain travels over, away from the scene,
Waters are still again, calm and serene.
Soon there is laughter and voices are heard,
The crisp air so peaceful, detects every word:-
‘Let’s send us some spinners out over the top.”
Pebbles fly ‘cross the water, relentless, then stop!
Culprits move on, and blurring their wake,
Kaleidoscope ripples glisten and shake.
Circles decreasing like diamonds in sun,
Captivate moments for thinkers who come.
To contemplate issues or troubles or love,
And everyday thoughts as they draw from above.
All of the feelings they hold best and dear,
The water’s their sanctuary, rested and clear.
Ducks bob and the boatmen, they ripple some more,
Each giving us something that’s worth waiting for
A pattern, a picture, like poetry, right there,
No wonder we love by the lakeside to stare
At pleasures of life,the beauty, the sound,
It’s a place to believe, where contentment is found.

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