Knickerbocker Glory


New poetry book , Knickerbocker Glory available as a paperback to purchase today. Click here to order your copy.

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Knickerbocker Glory: A fusion of poetry designed to stir the senses full of life’s emotions and experiences,  delivering thought provoking verses, rhymes and short stories which will touch your heart, give you a moment to escape into your own space and feel the emotions held within. Laugh at Braces for Brian, feel for Alice as she teeters with stage fright and imagine the history surrounding Key’s Tapestry. Each page is designed to create a different moment for you and each message delivers positivity and a confidence that we can all appreciate life’s abundant bounty to the full, if we allow ourselves the time to do so.

About the different editions.

The Kindle and Google Play editions of Knickerbocker Glory are delivered in ePub format with a searchable table of contents for easy navigation. Each poem is supported by a beautiful pen and ink illustration..

The iBook version takes advantage of additional features available in the iBooks format and includes audio narration by the author.

The following links contain a sample of poems, illustrations* and audio* narration from this engaging book.

Key’s Tapestry
Stage fright





*Audio currently only available in iBook format available in the iTunes store.