For the breath of a Dragon

2014-05-28-For-the-breath-of-a-dragon-001This mystical beast provides aura and charm

No boundaries for the legend of fable,

I’ll quantify all that I have in a heartbeat

And summon the strength, if I am able,

To see through the eyes of one so sure

A confidence rush till his prey leaves his door.

His territory marked, his presence sublime

Speckled flesh full of scales; moves like poetry, rhyme.

Muscles unrivalled, tallons from the mind

Of his imaginative creators, beloved mankind.

We talk of his victories, and those who’d been slain

We tell tales of brave warriors who fight through the pain.

This magical creature who lives in us all

Can be called upon anytime we conjure the call.

Beckon the moment: arched back full of spikes

His wingspan magnificent, surveys o’er our hikes.

His mouth full of razor sharp teeth, glistened hue

Look out for this monster of myth, and be true.

Through nostrils he snorts, billows pre cursor smoke,

And the fire that follows from hot breath is no joke.

With passion and fury, this imprint that smarts,

Behold ye, the Dragon, he’s captured our hearts.