Reading poetry is a great way to unwind and relax. Poems found in ‘Knickerbocker Glory,’  ‘Poetry Giving’ and ‘Severn Thoughts’ capture various aspects of life’s agenda and deliver thought provoking verses, rhymes and short stories which will touch your heart, give you a moment to escape into your own space and feel the emotions held within. Laugh at Braces for Brian, feel for Alice as she teeters with stage fright and imagine the history surrounding Key’s Tapestry. Each page is designed to create a different moment for you and each message delivers positivity and a confidence that we can all appreciate life’s abundant bounty to the full, if we allow ourselves the time to do so. Knickerbocker Glory was the first of a series of poetry collections to be released, so entitled because of its mixture of ingredients and thought provoking moments.


Raising funds for charity really gives us a lift and Anita finds real inspiration and motivation for the causes she has chosen, Severn Hospice and Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.


“Severn Thoughts” and “Poetry Giving” both contain charming poems and rhymes about every day things we can all relate to.

Listen to a sample poem or click on the poetry tab for options.