Paw prints? Could this be Jazz?

Paw prints? Could this be Jazz?

This charming tale for young children was inspired by a walk over Haughmond Hill in Shropshire with my niece Hannah and her lovely springer spaniel, Jazz.

This exciting adventure story for children is unfolding fast. So much so, that my typing fingers can’t keep up with my imagination as I create more adventures for key stage 1 and 2 children to enjoy!







Whilst readers won’t have long to wait for the finished book, I thought you’d like a taster, so here is an excerpt to whet your appetite….

“…As the sun shone brightly through the trees, Jazz chased dandelion seeds as they floated on the thermals of the wind.

Panting and scurrying about, she spied a warm puddle which steamed in the breeze.

She gulped a few mouthfuls of the cloudy water before paddling in circles from water to mud. Checking and sniffing her own paw prints which were now embedded along the footpath, Jazz stopped and sat at the edge of the hillside, gazing across the valley at the green fields below.

“Go Jazz go….” hummed the leaves from the branches above.

The spaniel’s ears were long … and they flapped as the breeze grew stronger.

Jazz stood up with a start as the leaves whispered again….

“Go Jazz go…”

Jazz wagged her tail and span round and round with excitement.

“I’m sure that dog could fly you know” said Hannah. “I mean, just look at those ears. If she flaps them a bit faster, I think the wind would lift her feet right off the ground… oooooooh wow… look.”

Jazz startled herself as she peered down at her feet which had now lifted her off the floor. She panted with delight as she grew higher and higher into the air.

Hannah called after her: “Jazz, come back here you crazy dog… please be careful!” Her voice was captured by the breeze and swept along with a whoosh. “Where are you going?” she added.

Jazz closed her eyes and imagined: “I can fly!” she thought to herself… “I mean… really fly! I could go anywhere I wanted. I could travel to… aha! I know just the place…”








Where do you think Jazz goes? Exciting times.

I hope you enjoyed that sneak preview and please watch this space as I add the finishing touches in readiness for publishing.

Thanks for reading and sharing this post 🙂

Anita WSilliams

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