New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve! So here’s a message from

A time for true reflection on the year just past; a time to celebrate and look forward to all things new for 2016.

When I think about 2015, I find myself deliberating with mixed emotions about what has happened in the world. I’m sure this is the same for most of our readers. Whilst we are all different people with opinions and views on solutions to the various tumultuous happenings, I hope that we share a common goal for peace in the years to come.

On this New Year’s Eve, let’s not dwell on what has already gone, because we can do nothing at all to change it. Instead, let’s look forward with optimism at what’s in store for us… after all, the future is something we can shape and mould… and I believe in positivity.

Follow your dreams and all things are possible.

This evening, let’s enjoy celebrating with family and friends, and let’s think about the simple things in life which keep us safe and strong. Often the obvious is so easy to miss, but sometimes just being together is all that matters.

I hope that 2016 brings you everything you are hoping for.

As we are still in 2015, here’s a reminder of Christmas family vibes in poetry:-

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding Poem

When the gifts have all been opened

As we gather round the tree

Candles brighten smiling faces

Christmas: time for family.

Hugs and warmest wishes

For those we love the most

Gather round the table

Turkey’s ready; raise a toast.

Thankful for our roof

And all beneath its warm embrace

Laughter, song, and stories told

And jokes fly at a pace.

All join in, pull crackers

Make a wish for old times’ sake

Each Christmas day we celebrate,

New memories we make.

And though we’re stuffed to bursting

We’ll find room to add some more

Pour brandy on the pudding

And faces all light up once more.

Home made vanilla custard,

a drop of brandy sauce

Charades next….and the sofa?

That’s for the chef of course!

Settle down and snuggle

Throw all cares away today

And focus on life’s precious gift

Family bond is here to stay.


Wishing you all much happiness,

Anita Williams,

Author and poet


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