Kingfisher poem

What an exceptional bird the Kingfisher is, with its aquamarine plumage and its lightening bolt precision.

Take a look at this wonderful photograph created by a very good friend and former colleague of mine, John Cobham


John has kindly allowed me to use this wonderful shot to illustrate my poem “Fleeting Chance” which describes an encounter I had myself with a Kingfisher whilst out walking along a canal towpath.

I hope you enjoy the poem which will feature in my next book.

kingfisherFleeting Chance

Towpath trudging; tired feet, determination looming

Precipitation’s bounce and flex, my aching limbs; chest booming.

I’ll not give in to darkened skies, this cloud mass overhead

With thoughtful gaze I stop awhile, receptive eyes instead.

Focused now, I pause and sit to soak up what’s around

Sunbursts create a tapestry and warm the sweated ground.

So still am I, in comfort here, nature’s bounty out to greet

My breath suddenly sharpened when a gift lands at my feet.

Creaking muscles as I freeze myself, disturbance kept at bay

A Kingfisher adjacent me, with eyes fixed on his prey.

His poise so skilled and focused, so gracious, I’m in awe

Resplendent stature in turquoise and green, a dart for his menu so raw.

Like a thunderbolt lashing the rippled canal, this fine specimen’s skill has me hooked

A glorious vision so true to his being, trailing aquamarine as I looked.

A moment in time, but so poignant, sets my mind onto plains higher still

I imagine a feather back moment, through his eyes before taking his kill.

Holding tight on this down built for capture, conjures dreams of a freedom so rare

Fleeting chance has provided this vision, as I revel in the moment I’m there.

Anita Williams