Jazz the flying dog!

Jazz the flying dog!

Happy new year to you all, and I hope 2016 brings you everything you are hoping for. For me, it brought along the inspiration for a new children’s book.

When the new year arrived, I rolled up my sleeves to get organised and as I scratched my head about all the projects and tried to put them into sensible order, I decided to work first on the ones which excite me most…

…and just as I thought I had got everything under control, along came Jazz, a springer spaniel and a little gem of an idea!

Jazz-the-flying-dogI was out walking on Haughmond Hill in Shropshire with my niece Hannah, who had brought along one of the family dogs, Jazz.

Jazz is a wonderfully obedient and faithful dog; full of life and character.

As we walked and chatted, we looked out across the glorious views of the Shropshire Hills from the vantage point atop Haughmond.

Hannah laughed as Jazz bounded about and called her into check as she approached the drop. “Come here Jazz… or you’ll go flying over the edge” she said.

Enjoying the moment, this immediately spurred an idea for a book, and straight away… ta daaaah! the first chapter’s words flowed through my head. This was the moment that inspired “Jazz the flying dog,” a story I am writing for Key stage one age group.

Thanks Hannah! you have genuinely inspired me to get moving and I can’t wait to develop this book!

You heard it here first. I will be penning the story and painting the illustrations simultaneously as my imagination runs riot!

My family are already in love with Jazz, and I hope that I do justice to her as I share her adventures with you.

So keep watching as the story unfolds and Jazz takes you to far flung places. I will keep you posted as this exciting book develops.

Anita Williams

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