Introducing ‘Severn Thoughts’!

Most visitors to this web site will already know that fundraising for worthwhile causes is very close to our hearts.




I am delighted to let you know that we are now embarking on a brand new poetry collection for Severn Hospice. This team of amazing people do all they can to assist those in need during a very difficult chapter in their lives.What struck me about my initial visit to one of the hospices (Shrewsbury, Shropshire), was the happiness displayed by all around me. I think I was expecting to be greeted with a lot of sadness, and as a compassionate person, I was ready for it. I love people and was willing to lend a hand or listen, whatever the case may be. Instead I was overwhelmed by the positive vibes and energy being given out in spades by very caring staff. It seems to me that making people feel good and as comfortable and content as possible is the order of the day here.

Landscape logo colourI left the building totally inspired, and I am now collating a series of poems with this excellent cause in mind. The book will be entitled ‘Severn Thoughts’ (see what we did there) and is due to be launched in early June 2015.

Keep watching the bog spot for more news of events surrounding the launch, such as poetry readings, book signings and midnight walks!

Anita Williams

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  1. My first visit to Severn Hospice really engaged me! I am so enthralled by the dedication of staff and the happiness surrounding such a delicate environment. Making people feel good is surely what life is all about. I am both inspired and humbled by this new writing experience and really look forward to completing this much needed book. šŸ™‚

    Anita Williams

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