Hooves and Hats

What a buzz there is every Ladies’ day at Royal Ascot!

Here’s a poem about this fabulous, memorable day for you to enjoy. This poem will feature soon in a new poetry book. Please feel free to leave a review or join our mailing list.

Picture the scene at Royal Ascot…..and they’re off!

I hardly slept, the day is here
Excited face, mirror peer.
My outfit staged upon the bed
Coordinated look they said.
Top it off with striking hat
It’s lady’s day out on the flat.
Royal Ascot turns on style
As crowds pour in we raise a smile
Those hats, all chosen with such care
Some woven into coiffured hair,
Silk and finery, high heeled shoes
Flower corsages, air infuse.
Chinking glasses bring on banter
Horses warm up controlled in canter.
Let’s check the form; we’ve a bet to place,
Alan gave us a tip on the very first race.
Silver and yellow: young number four
Ten to one, what are we waiting for?
Twenty each way, and a fiver to win,
I’ll cover my chances and head for the din.
A heady buzz, now fever pitch
Tote booth queues, fidget, itch.
Back to base, they’re all lined up
The favourite’s pulled, more wine we sup.
“And they’re off!” Comes the cry, from veteran voice
Crowds cheer and cross fingers, they hope to rejoice.
Hooves dig in deep and sods fly high
As fine tuned beasts go hurtling by.
Rippling muscles, nostrils snort
Fiery intention, winning post sought.
Final furlong, bite your nails,
Edge of seat time, moans and wails.
Silver and yellow: “Come on number four,”
Just two necks behind, he’s giving some more.
Runner up now, a few strides yet to place
Thunderous rapture. He’s winning the race!
Nice one Alan! This winner now strutting with pride
A punch in the air from young jockey, fine ride!
Winning enclosure, all cameras ablaze
Hundreds of elbows vying for their place.
The press thrusting microphones under the nose
Of trainers and owners, on form they all chose.
As buzz then disperses, it’s starting to rain
Hold onto those hats and let’s do it again!
Another race due and I’ve odds to check yet
Laughter ensues as we dodge getting wet.
Five minutes later, the sun’s just come out
Spectators are ready, in fine voice they shout
For colours or numbers as flesh ripples past
What winner then this time? Hearts beating fast.
The splendour and glory’s enjoyed by us all
Cheers to you Royal Ascot, we’ve all had a ball.