Happy Easter! Family vibes poem

Happy Easter to you!


Give yourself a break this Easter and grab some family vibes!  I think Easter is a good time to remind ourselves about the way those close to us enrich our lives.I hope you find time to talk, listen and spend time with your family and friends, which is, after all,  life’s most fulfilling tonic, and it is true when they say that the best things in life are for free!

Here’s a poem which I hope captures this feeling for you:-


Characterful chattering,

The banter sweeping well

Across the dining table

Old faithful stories tell.

Repeating age old memories

Once more for old times’ sake

No matter, for the pleasure

Is something we should take.

A dose of family feeling

A catch up now and then

With tales of woe and laughter

From the vaults of way back when.

There’s nothing more important

Life gives this gift in song

Spend time with those who mean the most

Right there where you belong.

For when routine take over

And deals you blows or strife

Those family vibes will ooze through you

Embracing the best in life.

Anita Williams

My recipe for this weekend: Eat chocolate, talk, listen, good times! 🙂

This poem appears in “Severn Thoughts” our latest fundraising book for Severn Hospice

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  1. “Severn Thoughts” launches in June 2015.
    This charming collection of poems about every day life will raise much needed funds for the wonderful Severn Hospice.