Burn’s night

This 25th January, its time to celebrate Burn’s night!

So here is a poem in tribute to this fine tradition, taken from the new poetry collection by Anita Williams celebrating all things British, entitled The very Great Britain in poetry

Burns Night

Burn’s Night

For respect of a poet, tradition compels

Celebratory splendour… the kilted crowd swells

Tartan refinement, with sporran and heart

Proud Scotsmen line up; they’re awaiting the start.

Host’s welcoming speech and Selkirk’s grace

Cock a leekie’s downed and gone, then they face

The incoming piper who stands proud and tall

Address now the Haggis, with sharp knife, plunges spall.

Some tatties and neeps and the dish is complete

Och; Whiskey’s the toast: what a fine Scottish treat.

A visit to Scotland at this time of year,

With Burn’s night awakened? Good times, grit and cheer.

Anita Williams3d-book-cover--The-Very-Great-Britain-in-Poetry

The Very Great Britain in Poetry is a delightful souvenir containing rhymes and poems about all that Great Britain has to celebrate. Poetry in this new poetry book, similar in style to Anita’s previous works such as   Knickerbocker Glory, has been carefully crafted to demonstrate the diversities, traditions and values held within British shores.

Designed as a keepsake to treasure, each page depicts a feeling, a moment or a memory of time spent in this wonderful nation. Have fun as you immerse yourself in this charming collection of poetry!

Picture yourself on the embankment as the Oxford v Cambridge boat race glides past in ‘Cox and rowers’ or imagine the conversation in ‘Black cab n’ banter’. Yes… cream teas, Wimbledon, Shakespeare, Welsh hills and Burn’s night… You will find them all captured amongst the crevices of this treat in poetry.


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  1. The Very Great Britain in Poetry. If you love all things British, this is a fabulous gift or keepsake :).