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Who would have thought that a sudden break from work would rekindle a talent for writing and creating illustrations? This is exactly what happened to our author, Anita Williams. Forever the optimist, and a natural positive thinker, Anita didn’t want to while away the hours at home doing nothing. Her busy work life as a Sales Director had kept her very focussed and she thoroughly enjoys routine and purpose. Being so busy though, had kept her hobby on the shelf, except for weekends and the odd evening. Whilst recuperating, Anita sat and read through snippets of stories and poetry she had written over the past 30 years, and it occurred to her that she could actually do something positive with them and what’s more, assist with fundraising for charities in the process!

These treasures have been carefully saved and  re-crafted and a mix of topics is now emerging. It comes as no surprise that her very first poetry book to be published was entitled ‘Knickerbocker Glory.’ Flipping to the Poetry tab will enlighten you further about this charming book which is brim full of poems about life and it’s experiences. This book was published to test the impact of Anita’s work… she loved it, but would her readers? It didn’t take long for the compliments to come flooding in…(check the blog spot to see the latest five star review from Dakota Douglas) so now, with a new found energy to persist, a writing plan was born!

In various places on this web site, you can read about the charity fundraising books, “Poetry Giving” and “Severn Thoughts” or why not check out the children’s collection emerging? The Annie and Tom series is well under way with “Annie’s Buttons” currently available in paperback on on ibooks. “El Roboto is next on the list, so watch out when a bored little robot finds a sombrero which takes him on a wonderful adventure.

Soon to be published is the long awaited “The very Great Britain in Poetry” and we do hope you enjoy this poetry collection which celebrates the traditions and attractions of Great Britain.

Anita’s experience of long term illness and recovery has helped her to refocus and she believes that life is here to be embraced; appreciated and  enjoyed. She sincerely wants her readers to feel that she is providing an easy read, unencumbered by too much intensity, and delighted that some charities are also going to benefit.

Growing up in a family of book lovers charged Anita with an exceptional loyalty to the written word. She loves books! Books across many genres, from her early years reading Rudyard Kipling’s poetry and stories to today’s preferences such as Victoria Hislop. With a passion for creativity and a desire to bring pleasure to her readers, she believes that life should be appreciated to the full, and it is not unusual to find her outdoors. Even the garden summer house becomes a haven for the odd paragraph or two, and here she will often also paint careful illustrations to enhance her written word. Multi-faceted writing is Anita’s secret. She prefers to dip in and out of a series of stories and poems as ‘works in progress’, choosing to revisit them with new snippets she has imagined along the way, in an effort to maximize their impact. A family loving person who multi-tasks each day, Anita is thoroughly enjoying this journey of writing and picture making. Her inspiration is gathered in many ways, be it out walking, reminiscing, enjoying banter around the dining table with family and friends, or by chance encounter with something she notices whilst out socialising or travelling. Intuitive poetry and timeless stories born out of a lifetime of reading and learning; whichever element you feel compelled to encounter, this author will leave you wanting more.

Thank you so much for reading. Hope we made you smile today. 🙂