A poem for Autumn

A poem for Autumn

Falling leaves in autumn

Autumn cascade

As we marvel at the splendour

Of a scene adept in gold

Brown layered over oranges

Delighted, we behold.

Autumnal glows awakening

Shrill breezes set to raid

Those aching creaking branches

Of leaves so rich in shade.

And as the wind whips up a storm

Those leaves which tumble round

Form carpets plush with patterns

As they settle on the ground.

All shapes and sizes mixed as one

No matter from which tree

For they were born to mix and blend

For all eternity.

And we can learn so much from this

As people here on earth

Each of us born so different

Together life’s full worth.

A frenzy for our sweeping brush

But pause a while with me

For nature’s Autumn season’s

Left a feast for us to see.

Anita Williams

This poem of rhythmical rhyme is one of many which feature in Poetry Giving,  a fundraising charity collection created in support of the amazing Midlands Air Ambulance charity


Every sale of this book raises much needed funds which will go towards helping keep missions in the air. Did you know that every Midlands Air Ambulance Charity mission costs a minimum of £2500? It may also interest you to know that this exceptional life saving service is 100% funded by charitable donation. If you would like a copy, just click on the link above or visit the bookshop at www.writtenwithasmile.com

I do hope you enjoyed this poem, a taster from the book, and if you do buy a copy, thank you for contributing to this fantastic cause! 🙂

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  1. Poetry Giving is a collection of poetry in rhythmical rhyme which has been created by Anita Williams is support of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.